If you need to remain on a certain medication for some time, your doctor may add this to the repeat prescribing system.  This enables you to request specific prescriptions without seeing the doctor each time.

For your safety and convenience, the system works as follows:

  • Make sure you have an up-to date and correct repeat prescribing slip – if you have items on repeat this will be attached to the right hand side of your prescription.  If you do not, please make an appointment to see your usual doctor.
  • In person or postal – Please tick the items clearly that you wish to order.  You do not have to order them all each time.  Repeat requests can also be posted to us or placed in the letter box on the front door.  Prescriptions can be posted back to you if you supply us with a stamped addressed envelope.
  • Online –  please ask the receptionists for a user name and password for online prescribing and booking of appointments. Please bring photographic ID to register for our online services. Once you have your username and password you will be able to log on to and request repeat prescriptions at any time to suit yourself.  You will be given a leaflet explaining the process when you register with our receptionist.
  • We would encourage you NOT to use the telephone to order repeat prescriptions.  This is because mistakes are more likely to occur and the telephone lines become blocked.  Telephone requests are only accepted between 10am and 12noon. Please ensure you have your repeat list to hand to be able to tell the staff exactly which items you require as they will not be able to request items that you do not have the correct name for – the items can be spelt out if you wish.
  • Prescriptions ordered before 10.00am will be ready for collection after 4.00 pm the same day.  Prescriptions ordered after 10.00am will be ready for collection after 4.00pm the next working day.
  • Some pharmacies will collect your prescriptions for you and some will offer a delivery service.  If you are vulnerable or unable to order your prescription yourself speak to your pharmacy if you are in that criteria. You will need to ask the pharmacy of your choice which services they offer and they will then make arrangements to collect prescriptions from us.
  • Not all medications will be put on the repeat prescribing system.
  • If you send a representative to collect your repeat prescription they may be asked for identification.  Please do not send children under 16 to collect your prescription.
  • The doctor may add a note to your prescription asking for you to make an appointment for a review.  This should be at least once every 12 months sometimes more often.
  • If you have any medicines you no longer take or are out of date, take them to your pharmacy for safe disposal.
  • Do not hoard large quantities of medication.  This is dangerous and wasteful. Over £1.3 million of medication is wasted in Calderdale each year.
  • Please inform us of any problems you have using the system.

Patients sometimes ask us to prescribe for longer than normal periods when travelling abroad. With certain exceptions ( e.g. contraception) we are unable to prescribe for longer than three months, based on GPC guidance. In some circumstances we may be able to offer a private prescription for longer durations but it is usually better to access local health services.