Vision, Value and Charter


Our aims are to provide high quality care and friendly, efficient service.

We aim to treat all patients as individuals and to recognise their privacy and dignity, and their values, diversity and human rights. We acknowledge that these may influence the care agreed between our GPs and nursing team and our patients.

We welcome feedback from patients. A Compliments and Comments book is provided in our waiting room as is a Suggestion Box.

Claire Cox, Practice Manager, is available to speak with patients, providing an opportunity for patients to raise issues relating to our practice. We provide care within an environment of openness, transparency and candor.

Our Patient Reference Group meets twice annually and feedback from the wider practice population is encouraged on an ongoing basis.

For more information please speak with the GP Partners or Claire Cox.


Patients’ Charter Our Responsibilities

  • The services we provided are detailed on this website and the practice complies with all GMC guidance in the provision of these services.
  • The practice accepts the principles which guide the NHS, the NHS values and patient rights as defined in the NHS Constitution.
  • The practice does not discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, gender (including reassignment), pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, nor sex or sexual orientation.
  • An appointment will be available the same day if your need is urgent (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays.)
  • When the need arises, a home visit will be provided. Emergency visits will be provided the same day.
  • We will treat patients in a pleasant manner.
  • If your appointment is delayed by more than 30 minutes, an explanation will be offered.
  • Suggestions/complaints can be directed to our Practice Manager or to any of the partners.
  • Staff have access to medical records but will only do so when medically necessary. Medical information is only disclosed to eg insurance companies on written authority given by the patient.
  • Patients have a right to confidentiality and we have a duty to respect this at all times.
  • Personal health information will only be used in accordance with the relevant Acts of Parliament, GMC guidance and local policy.Note: GMC guidance (2009) states that patients’ personal information may be disclosed within the healthcare team for the sake of their health or for local clinical audit.

Your Responsibilities

  • The practice expects patients to accept their responsibilities as detailed in the NHS Constitution.
  • Please attend the surgery if possible, as this gives the best opportunity for diagnosis and treatment
  • Please request home visits before 10.00am
  • Please treat practice staff and other staff in a pleasant manner.
  • The practice reserves the right to remove from its list any patient who is violent or abusive against any staff or other patients
  • Please use an appointment for ONE person only. If you wish to have an appointment for more than one person, please make this clear when making the appointment
  • Please attend for your appointment or give adequate notice of cancellation. Another patient could have used your appointment.
  • Please keep details of your address and phone numbers up-to-date. It is important for your care and well-being that we have up-to-date contact details.